About the Book

I have always enjoyed the United States of America.  No place on earth is as flexible, as diverse, as entertaining, as entrepreneurial, or as absolutely inspiring every day the sun comes up.  Everything changes, sometimes as warp speed.  That’s part of our uniqueness and exceptionalism…but it’s also part of our growing concern.

Inevitably, some behaviors move into favor.  Others fade.  This is a fun study of what’s gone, or at least on the endangered species list.  For example, we are missing compromise, live talk, privacy, charm, modesty, truth, any history, customer service and scores of other once-familiar attributes.  Each of these have been converted to milk cartons, and is accompanied by an essay that is provocative and sometimes light-hearted.

If nothing else, I hope this book makes us think twice about the direction of our own lives, and our own country.